Writing Instruments

Filing System

What We Have

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts.

2 Dori File

2 Hole File

4 Flap Dak Pad

Board Paper Tray

Book End

Border Patti File

Box File

Cheque Book Folder1

Cheque Book Folder2

Book End

Computer File1

Computer File2

Conference File

Conference Folder

Corner Patti File1

Corner Patti File2

Document Folder

Expanding File

File Cabinet

File Stand

Filing Clip1

Filing Clip2

Filing Clip3

Filing Rack1

Filing Rack2

Filing Strip

Flap File1

Flap File2

Folder L Type


Gurder File

Half Lever File

Handicraft File

Hole Guard

Lever Arch File

Magazine Rack1

Magazine Rack2

Mesh Zipper Bag

Modular System

News Paper Stand

Office Clip File

Office Spring File

Plastic Button Pauch

Plastic Clip File

Plastic Index Set

Plastic Paper Tray

Plastic Punch Less

Plastic Sheet

Plastic Spring File

Plastic Strip File

Plastic Trolly

Punch Less+Cobra

Punch Less+Timex

Ring Binder

Rounda File Rack


Sheet Protector

Swing Clip File

Tag Dori1

Tag Dori2

Visiting Card Album

Visiting Card Holder

Visiting Card Sheet

Voucher Box File1

Voucher Box File2

Brands We Have